Home companions offer non-medical assistance to seniors, those with disabilities, the frail or homebound and expectant or new mothers. Companions assist with household tasks, shopping, running errands, supervision of client to ensure home safety, medication reminders, home safety, medical appointments, meal planning and preparation, laundry and transportation while , most importantly, providing companionship for the client as well as respite and peace of mind for the family.
As we age or become ill, life slows down a bit for us, but not necessarily for our loved ones who still have jobs to go to, homes to maintain and children to care for or who live far away. We still want to enjoy life, socialize and have a little fun while maintaining an independent lifestyle and not have to depend on our loved ones to “look after” us or feel obligated to entertain us. With a Companion Caregiver, the client can still do the things they want to do, when they want to do it. They can care for themselves, socialize, attend medical appointments and social functions, and live in the comfort of their own home, safely and securely, with the satisfaction of knowing that they have a warm, friendly, compassionate and helpful companion who visits regularly.

-A Companion Caregiver can help the client retain their independence and afford them the ability to maintain a social life by providing transportaion to social functions, medical appointments, community events,  running errands and more.

-Having a Companion Caregiver who can assist with following doctor’s orders, medication reminders, safety, nutrition and hydration can help to reduce a client’s hospital readmission. Read more about Reducing Hospital Readmissions.

-Knowing that their loved one is in the good hands of a trusted Companion family members can carry on with their daily lives including work responsibilities, family obligations, maintaining their homes and having a bit of a social life.  Companion Caregivers provide a client’s loved ones some much needed respite and peace of mind.

-Companion Caregivers provide socialization, friendship,  companionship and the freedom to enjoy life which helps in reducing the feelings of loneliness, isolation and hopelessness and depression.

Companion Caregivers are dedicated, caring individuals who are carefully selected based on their compassion, reliability, experience and desire to help others. Companion Caregivers are carefully screened, interviewed and determined to be physically able to give care by a medical doctor, prior to employment. They are fully in tuned to the client’s needs and monitored regularly to ensure that the client is receiving the best quality care. Companions are carefully matched with clients based on personality traits, likes and dislikes, common interests hobbies and general compatibility. At Recco Senior Companion Service, LLC we take pride in getting to know our companion caregivers and our clients, like family.
Recco Home Care Service, Inc. is a Joint Commission Accredited home care agency, licensed by the State of New York and able to provide licensed Home Heath Care Services, should the client’s needs change. A Registered Nurse will evaluate and determine the level of care needed and a Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide will be carefully assigned to care for the client. Recco Home Care Service, Inc. also offers free, State approved PCA and HHA training for Companion Caregivers who wish to take the course, transition to become a certified aide and stay with their client. The many services we offer guarantee a smooth transition.
Our Companions caregivers will visit with you and your loved one in a variety of settings:
– at home
– an Assisted Living or Retirement Community
– a nursing home
– a hospital
– Rehabilitation Center
The goal in companionship is to establish a trusting, stable friendship between client and companion. This provides stability and the comfort of knowing that a “friend” will be there, no matter what.